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Corn Maiden Tours is operated by Mae Araujo, archaeologist and Amy Atkins, nature/wine connoisseur. The partners are Southwest experts offering guests personal tours and culturally immersive experiences in the Land of Enchantment. All tours are customized and can be adjusted to individual preferences even while already on the tour. Corn Maiden’s goal is to offer tours that are tailored to individuals who prefer private intimate tours, for 1 to 6 guests. Along the way, your guide will share the traditions, culture and history of the land from a first-hand perspective, and may even add some unexpected off-itinerary adventures. Amy and Mae can give you guidance and suggestions for taking memorable photos. 

"Start making your memories" 

Our Company Offers Customized Insider Tours of the Southwest

Private/Small Groups and Cultural Destinations


Unexpected Off the Beaten Path Adventures and Ghost Towns


Archaeological Tours in the Four Corners


New Mexico’s Culinary Excellence: Food and Wine Tours


Nature Lovers Experience Stunning Topography and Diverse wildlife


Film, Photography and Novels in Indian Country


Meet Your Guides

We will take you to wonderful places!


Amy Atkins


Naturalist guide and wine connoisseur. She knows geology and has extensive knowledge of plants and birds. Amy is an expert judge of domestic and French wines. She was born in New Mexico and has been a guide in the Southwest for 30 years. She has lived in France and traveled to 28 countries. She speaks French and Spanish. 

Mae Araujo


Archaeologist and film enthusiast. She has a degree in archaeology and studied at the American University in Cairo. She has been following the film industry and locations in New Mexico. Mae was born in Brazil, lived in Egypt and has traveled to 43 countries. She has been a guide in the Southwest for 20 years. Mae speaks Spanish and Portuguese. 

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